Roasted Cornish Hens Recipe

In this post, we’ll answer those questions and give you some tips on how to cook your cornish hens perfectly every time. In a small roasting pan add the quartered onions, garlic cloves, and half the lemon wedges. Stuff the remaining lemons into the cavities and then place the hens in the roasting pan over the onions and drizzle the olive oil over the hens. Once the oven comes to temperature, put the birds into the oven for 25 minutes.

I love this idea of getting crspy skin without such a mess in the oven. I brine my birds in those large 2-gallon zip lock bags…this way you can place the bag/birds/brine in whatever pot you want. I would definitely at least make gravy – you could easily do this with the drippings. Be sure to check out our amazing gravy recipe over on our side dish recipe.

How long to cook cornish hen in air fryer

Foolproof Living is mainly a food blog that focuses on recipes made with seasonal ingredients without the use of refined sugars. If you’re looking for approachable, yet creative recipes made with everyday ingredients, you’ve come to the right place. Thank you very informative, I have a question, can you cook the hens in a toaster oven. For many people, it wouldn’t be Christmas (or name another holiday!) without Cornish hens on the menu. Whether carved into halves, or presented and served whole, they are a nice way to offer diners both dark and white meat in one meal.

  • Season birds and vegetables with a little salt and pepper.
  • Place the birds in a roasting pan large enough to fit the birds without touching.
  • The high temperature at the beginning will crisp the hens—line the bottom of a baking pan, cast iron, or roasting pan with foil.
  • Leftovers will last about 4 days in the fridge if placed in an airtight container and the hens can be frozen for up to 3 months.

I encourage you to prepare it a day in advance and roast for perfection right before serving. Cornish game hens can be cooked in any way that chicken or other poultry is cooked. They can be baked, roasted, grilled, even cooked in an appliance like a slow cooker, instant pot, or air fryer.

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Stir occasionally until the shallots start to brown, 20 to 30 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, remove the crispy shallots and transfer to a plate lined with paper towels to drain. Season the oil with a little salt and white pepper and set aside.

While one Cornish hen per person might make the most sense for your dinner party, you might want to go for a little less, and serve it pre-carved to guests. A Cornish game hen must weigh between 1 and 2 pounds, with the standard at about 1 1/4 pounds. Cornish hens have to be slaughtered before five weeks of age and they can be either male or female birds. Tie the legs with kitchen twine and tuck the wings under the bird— this will prevent them from burning in the oven. Take it to the next level by adding softened butter with minced garlic under the breast skin. I love serving Cornish hens for Christmas Eve dinner or a romantic date night at home.

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